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Panel: Embracing the Future: AI as Your Co-worker
Photo: Peter Watz
June 22, 2023

Embracing the Future: Diving into the AI Co-worker Experience

I'm thrilled to share my recent experience as a panelist in the captivating discussion titled 'Embracing the Future: AI as Your Co-worker,' which took place at the Seavus office in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 15th.

The evening was filled with stimulating conversations and engaging discussions as we navigated the thrilling world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace. I was privileged to share experiences alongside insightful experts: Mats Larsson from, Merete Myhrvold from, and Toni Trpkovski from Seavus.

Our goal was to uncover the transformative potential of AI and its influential role in reshaping the workspace, fostering collaboration, and augmenting human capabilities. As we sipped bubbly Prosecco, our lively discussions revolved around AI's function as a facilitator and enhancer in the workplace.

I'm excited to share a few key insights from our conversation:

AI: Revolutionizing the Workspace

AI's impact on the workspace is profound. It's transforming how we work and what we work on, streamlining tasks, and allowing us to tackle problems from innovative perspectives. Our discussion highlighted AI's role in reallocating human resources towards more creative and strategic tasks – a reality already seen within our own companies and our client's businesses.

AI: Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency

AI technologies have proven to be a powerhouse, capable of boosting productivity and efficiency across various organizational departments. We shared real-life examples from our own businesses and our clients' businesses where AI integration has dramatically improved business operations and the employee experience.

AI: Challenges and Ethical Considerations

The conversation also touched on the challenges experienced during the implementation of AI solutions, as well as the ethical considerations needed when deploying AI systems. We agreed that in our enthusiasm to adopt cutting-edge technology, we must not downplay the importance of ethical AI use. From my perspective, just like any new team member, an AI component must be trained to understand a company's values, internal routines, and ethical considerations.

AI: Augmenting Human Capabilities

I emphasized how AI technologies augment human capabilities and support decision-making processes. AI doesn't replace humans (at least not yet…); instead, it amplifies our abilities, making us more efficient, informed, and creative.

AI: Impact on Workforce Dynamics

The transformative wave AI brings to the workplace extends to workforce dynamics and job roles. It creates new opportunities and shifts skill demands toward those that enable effective collaboration with AI systems. I believe that in a short span, a larger segment of the workforce will have access to actionable data, thereby facilitating quicker, data-driven decisions. My hope is that with AI support for both mundane and complex tasks, more individuals will find more joy in their work, reducing stress and fostering greater job satisfaction.

Embracing the Future: AI as Your Co-worker

Photo: Peter Watz

Looking Ahead

We envisioned the future trends and advancements in AI that we anticipate will significantly shape the workspace in the coming years. The potential is limitless, making it a thrilling time to be part of this rapidly evolving landscape. We were all asked how the workplace might look in five years, a vision that proved challenging to articulate due to the vastness of the timeframe. However, we all agreed that a monumental change is on the horizon. I shared that I believe that we may not even think of AI as a separate entity but as an integral part of work and life by then.

The evening was full of insightful dialogue, shared perspectives, and enthusiastic participation. A huge thanks to Lotta Domonkos for inviting me to join the panel, to all the attendees for their thoughtful queries that encouraged an interactive dialogue, to my co-panelists, and to our moderator, Joakim Carlsson.

As we progress, I'm exhilarated to continue exploring and discussing AI's profound potential in transforming our workplaces and work experiences, especially concerning service-based small businesses. I eagerly look forward to participating in more such events and sharing our journey as we embrace the future, hand in hand with our AI co-workers.

Stay tuned for more updates on AI at Until next time, let's keep the dialogue flowing about the fascinating world of AI in the workspace.

Sarah Watz

Sarah Watz

Co-founder and Mentor - Business Heroes®

I am on a mission to provide service-based small business owners all over the world with the best conditions for growth.

In this way, we can together drive innovation, accelerate growth, increase economic prosperity, create more job opportunities, and ultimately build a better society.

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