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Bygg ditt eget AI-team med ChatGPT
June 15, 2023

Build your own AI-team with ChatGPT

Hello there, Business Hero! Have you ever found yourself wishing for an extra set of hands to lighten your load? What if you could have an AI-powered team working round the clock, without coffee breaks, turbocharging your productivity? Intriguing concept, right? Today, we're exploring how you, as a service-based entrepreneur, can assemble your very own AI team using the power of ChatGPT. Sounds exciting? Let's dive right in!

Understanding ChatGPT

Let's start with understanding ChatGPT. Developed by OpenAI, this advanced language model has the prowess to comprehend and generate human-like text. The exciting part is, you can train it to answer emails, pen down blog posts, draft live video scripts, and so much more - all in your distinct voice and style!

The Concept of an AI Team

An AI team means you're leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT to manage routine tasks, respond to customer queries, and assist in content creation, among other tasks. It's like having an invisible, ever-present workforce at your service 24/7. Imagine the time you could free up to focus on core business strategies and decisions.

Who Will Be on Your AI Team?

Who are the first AI team members you're looking to bring on board? A customer support assistant to take care of customer interactions, or perhaps a content marketing assistant to aid in creating content to attract and nurture your client base? Start by integrating AI members who can best leverage the AI functionality, and as you grow, expand your team as needed. 

Here are some examples of team members you could create on your AI team:

Alex - As an expert on online and offline marketing, Alex not only helps in creating marketing strategies and plans but also analyzes data to optimize campaigns, assesses competition, tracks marketing trends, and provides innovative ideas to capture your audience's attention.

Tina - Tina, the LinkedIn expert, does more than just create and respond to inbox messages and craft LinkedIn posts. She also undertakes competitor analysis, leverages LinkedIn analytics to optimize the posts, nurtures connections, and participates in relevant groups to boost visibility and engagement.

Sophie - Expert in creating online courses, masterclasses, workshops, and membership sites, Sophie goes beyond creating content for your students. She is also involved in creating quizzes and assessments, curating discussion points to encourage interaction among members, and continuously improving the learning experience based on member feedback. 

Elon - Elon is not just an expert coach, he is also a resourceful mentor for refining your coaching packages. His expertise extends beyond the agenda and pricing of your sessions. Elon helps in tailoring your packages to different audience segments, ensuring each session has a clear goal and structure. He provides insight on effective coaching techniques, advises on the best tools to enhance your sessions, and keeps you abreast with the latest trends in the coaching industry to stay competitive.

Fiona - Fiona is your financial analyst extraordinaire. Her role encompasses more than just crunching numbers. Fiona provides detailed financial forecasts, analyses the cost-effectiveness of your services, monitors and interprets cash flows, assesses the financial health of your business, and gives strategic recommendations based on her analyses. She also helps in budgeting, and ensuring your business meets all financial compliance requirements. With Fiona on your team, you can confidently make data-driven decisions to ensure the financial stability and growth of your business.

Lars - As an SEO expert, Lars does more than improve our SEO on your websites and social media profiles. He also conducts keyword research, monitors web analytics, recommends adjustments to website architecture,  and keeps up-to-date with SEO trends and Google algorithm changes.

Oliver - Oliver is a content creation specialist who helps in drafting blog posts, creating infographics, editing videos, and planning content calendars. He is excellent at conducting research for fresh content ideas and aligning them with your brand's voice and target audience.

Rebecca - Rebecca is a social media guru, who manages your presence across all platforms. She creates engaging content, schedules posts, interacts with followers, and uses analytics to drive strategy.

Eva - Eva is an email marketing expert. She crafts compelling newsletters, manages subscriber lists, segments lists for targeted campaigns, tests different email formats, and analyzes open rates and click-through rates to optimize campaigns.

David - David is a customer service representative, responding to customer inquiries, handling complaints, providing information about products and services, and ensuring customer satisfaction. He's great at using feedback to improve your customer service policies and keeping a pulse on customer sentiment.

These AI team members not only take a load off your plate but also provide critical insights to help grow your business. 

Building Your AI Team with ChatGPT

Building an AI team with ChatGPT is easier than it seems. Start by setting up an account with ChatGPT for your business (and yes, upgrading to the Plus version is definitely recommended). Initiate a new chat conversation for each team member and name them for easy future interactions.

Remember that each of these new team members, powered by AI, needs to be trained and familiarized with your business, your ideal clients, the services you offer, and your brand's unique voice. It's not too different from onboarding a new physical team member.

A Strategic Approach is Crucial

It's not just about using AI; it's about weaving it seamlessly into your business operations to extract maximum value. There are numerous ChatGPT plugins and prompts available today, but don't lose yourself in the rabbit hole. Instead, take a step back, evaluate your routine tasks strategically, and identify what can be offloaded to your AI team for maximum benefit.

Looking to the Future

In the rapidly evolving world of AI, staying updated is paramount. The more you experiment with AI tools like ChatGPT, the more avenues you discover to streamline your processes, boost efficiency, and stay ahead in your game.


Building an AI team with ChatGPT isn't a figment of a sci-fi narrative. It's a tangible, accessible solution that can revolutionize your business operations. Ready for a deep dive?

I invite you to join our upcoming masterclass "The Entrepreneur's Guide to AI", where I'll walk you through the process of integrating ChatGPT into your business, aligning it with activities and strategies that support your customer's buyer journey, and training your AI team to do it effectively. I will uncover the most impactful ChatGPT plugins and, to ensure you leave the masterclass ready to action what you've learned, you'll receive a comprehensive document loaded with fill-in-the-blank prompts. 

Let's journey together into the exciting world of AI and create some magic. Learn more about the masterclass "The Entrepreneur's Guide to AI" and sign up here.

Sarah Watz

Sarah Watz

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I am on a mission to provide service-based small business owners all over the world with the best conditions for growth.

In this way, we can together drive innovation, accelerate growth, increase economic prosperity, create more job opportunities, and ultimately build a better society.

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