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Get ready for a game-changer! After three incredible years of serving only our Swedish-speaking heroes, we're overjoyed to announce that Business Heroes® Academy is going global! Soon we're opening our virtual doors to entrepreneurs worldwide, ready to empower more heroes in the global business landscape. Get on the waitlist today and be the first to know when it's time.

Business Heroes® Academy is the entrepreneurship school and business forum for service business owners who want to develop themselves and their companies together with others online. If you're ready to start your entrepreneurial journey or take the next step in your business, are driven, and want to develop your entrepreneurship, you're in the right place.

To reach your goals, you need clarity, a strong why, and the ability to regularly implement the right strategies. Without a detailed plan or guidance, the process can feel overwhelming.

Business Heroes® Academy can make the process faster and easier with the proven method Entrepreneur's Journey. It's tough and challenging to be an entrepreneur, and that's why it's rewarding to be with others who are also developing and running service businesses so that you don't have to make the journey alone.

I, Sarah Watz, who runs Business Heroes® Academy, have helped 10,000+ entrepreneurs from all over the world with business development, especially marketing and digitalization, over the past 25 years. I would love to help you too.

Entrepreneur's Journey

The Entrepreneur's Journey is our proven method that has 6 phases. Each phase name tells you where you are when you have achieved all 5 milestones in the phase.

No matter where you are in the Entrepreneur's Journey, your membership in Business Heroes® Academy helps you take the next step in your and your company's development.

When you become a member, you self-assess where you are in the Entrepreneur's Journey and receive a tailored plan for your and your company's development.

Milestones that you achieve through the Entrepreneur's Journey.

You are ready
  • I have formulated and manifested my why
  • I have set inspiring goals and actively work to achieve them
  • I time plan to focus on the right activities for the moment
  • I have routines and habits that take me one step at a time
  • I have financial understanding and keep track of the company's finances
You are aware
  • I am aware of the power of my personal brand
  • I know who my ideal customers are
  • I know what results my ideal customers get from my services
  • I know how to structure my services to get bookings
  • I have an understanding of my ideal customers' journey
You have a plan
  • You have an inspiring business plan and a budget
  • You have a feasible marketing plan
  • You have a plan for how to attract customers and get bookings
  • You have a plan for how to deliver and wow your customers
  • You have a plan for how your customers can give you referrals
  • My marketing regularly brings me new contacts
  • My follow-up engages and I get more and more bookings
  • I dare to say that I am the expert who is best for my customer
  • My customers provide me with ongoing contacts with potential customers
  • I attract new collaborations and partners
You are in control
  • I have a monthly budget check-in system
  • I optimize revenues and costs on an ongoing basis
  • I keep track of my customers' journey and optimize it
  • I understand the value of a customer: at the time of booking, per year, and lifetime
  • I have well-defined routines and processes
  • I am digitizing and automating more and more
  • I am learning new strategies that I test and evaluate
  • I have a wonderful and efficient team that I have hired or contracted
  • I have a well-oiled business machine that is profitable
  • I am living my purpose and achieving my goals

This is what you get access to as a member of Business Heroes® Academy.

Here you can see what is included in the membership that will help you go through the Entrepreneur's Journey.

Weekly Booster

You are invited to our weekly meetings that we hold via Zoom. You evaluate the previous week and plan the new week.

It's a great opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, and ideas on how to make your plan a reality. Often, it's about helping you reach milestones and taking action to move you to the next step in the Entrepreneur's Journey.

Usually Mondays at:
4PM - 5PM CEST, 3PM - 4PM BST, 10AM - 11AM EST, 7AM - 8AM PDT.

Online Meetups

You are invited twice a month to the online meetings that we hold via Zoom.

Each meeting focuses on a theme within business development, digitalization, personal development, marketing, sales, or leadership. In addition, there are opportunities to ask for advice, tips, or suggestions wherever you are on the Entrepreneur's Journey.

The group meeting serves as your personal sounding board, mastermind, or peer group. If you cannot participate live or want to watch the replay, you will have access to the recordings (we save the meetings for approx. 30 days).

Usually Tuesdays at:
4PM - 5PM CEST, 3PM - 4PM BST, 10AM - 11AM EST, 7AM - 8AM PDT.

Online Group

You get access to our closed Facebook group where you can ask questions, get feedback, and discuss with mentors and other members.

Sometimes it's about getting new eyes on something you've created. Sometimes it can be to get encouragement when you feel a bit low and drained of energy. Sometimes it can be about celebrating that you dared to raise your prices and got the booking!

Being an entrepreneur can feel lonely and having access to a group where you can come in and get support and help is invaluable.

Online Courses

You will have access to online courses that will guide you through the Entrepreneur's Journey. You can take part in them at your own pace.

In the membership area, you will also find workbooks, manuals, templates, examples, and calculators that will help you implement what you learn in the online courses.

The online courses aim to help you focus on reaching the milestones in the Entrepreneur's Journey and simplify the process of getting the right things done and implemented in your business.

Sarah Watz

Meet your mentor: Sarah Watz

I run the Business Heroes® Academy. In this entrepreneurial school, I and other experts educate entrepreneurs who sell services on how to get more customers, increase profitability, and have more time.

With 25+ years of experience running a business, I have a broad and deep understanding of entrepreneurship. Through my own business and the clients I have helped, I have both good and bad experiences of what works and what doesn't work today. I constantly stay up to date on international trends in entrepreneurship, marketing, digitalization, and automation that also come to our market here in Sweden.

I lecture and educate entrepreneurs both in Sweden and internationally and have had the privilege of helping 10,000+ entrepreneurs from around the world with business development and digital strategies over the years.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and have worked internationally my entire professional life. I lived in the United States twice. In 1995, I started working with vocational education for adults in marketing, advertising, PR & information, and IT. In 1996, I started my first business in the form of a sole proprietorship in parallel with my employment. At the end of 1999, I quit my job to focus on my own business full-time. Since then, I haven't looked back...

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